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December 12, 2018: H3 Third Annual Open Panel Discussion about Cancer at Miami Beach Community Church, 1620 Drexel Ave. Miami Beach 33139

As we are getting bombarded daily with cancer diagnoses, H3 is facilitating an open discussion among doctors, healers, cancer patients and survivors, together with the community. The discussion involves an in depth look at what is currently happening in the area of cancer, and how we can make a difference if we all work together. H3’s Founder and Director Janinha Piazzetta is moderating the discussion panel. Each participant will address the 3 questions above from their unique perspective. The audience will have an opportunity to participate with questions towards the end. (View Event)


January 26, 2019: Stress Management workshop by Tamara Filgueiras at 1680 Meridian Ave, #101, Miami Beach, Fl 33139

This workshop will help you learn skills to unlock your power, create balance, and overcome how stress blocks your happiness and hinders your health! This workshop is intended to help develop effective strategies to manage and tackle stress in your life. It will integrate information about your brain, mind, body, and emotions to help you stop the stress rollercoaster! Stress increases cortisol level which throw off endocrine levels – endocrine disruptors have a direct link to cancer.


H3 Thai Food Cooking Class by Day LongsomboonDate & Venue TBD.

Join us for a taste of the healthy cuisine of Thailand and its benefits. The flavors, aromas, and textures of the healthy cuisine of Thailand are unique and its ingredients hold some breast- protective secrets. As Hippocrates said, “Your food shall be your remedy.”


April 6, 2019: Guided Healing Meditation and Qicong by Dashi Chu Kocica – Venue TBD

This workshop will create a “group healing Qi field” and learn how to channel the remarkable power of intention for healing for ourselves and others together with Qigong, an ancient healing practice that has shown to be an effective physical and mind exercise with various health benefits. The workshop includes meditation, regulated breathing, special postures and movements.


June 8, 2019: Breast Cancer Prevention by Nilza Kallos. Presenter/Venue TBD

This lecture will be about women’s health and prevention towards breast cancer. Women will be taught about breast disease and breast self-examination and their psychological needs as a priority. Dr. Nilza Kallos, a breast cancer radiologist believes that, “Behind every breast cancer, there is a woman with dreams, laughs, loves, and mostly fears the unknown. Doctors need to empower her.”


July 20, 2019: Healing Herbs by Janet Galipo – Event venue TBD

This lecture will demonstrate and teach our community how herbs and their healing properties can benefit not only to prevent breast cancer, but also people suffering from many other illnesses. Herbs have many therapeutic benefits and can often be found right in our own backyards.


****Dates may change due to guest speakers availability