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The Pink Ribbon Podcast

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Listen to our Fourth Episode Here:

Listen to another empowering episode of the H3 Pink Ribbon Podcast. Our topic today is “Compassion, Gratitude, and Education!”

Our special guest is Dr. Nilza Kallos, a passionate expert in the field of breast cancer. She shares her inspiring journey and invaluable insights to help us better understand the importance of prevention and awareness.

Listen to our Third Episode Here:

Listen to another Powerful educational H3 Pink Ribbon Podcast episode. Our topic today is “Beyond Breast Cancer!”

Our special guest is Michael Gongora. He shares his journey as a cancer survivor, giving the audience powerful insights about ways that HPV cancer can be prevented. Another miracle!

Listen to our Second Episode Here:

H3’s second episode will continue the theme of Miracles. Our topic is the possibility of long-term remission, perhaps even a cure, for some forms of metastatic breast cancer. Our special guest is Judy Perkins, the first person to be “cured” of breast cancer using T-Cell immunotherapy. Another living miracle!

Listen to our Premiere Episode Here:

Join the founder of H3, Janinha Piazzetta, for the Premiere Episode, featuring special guest Lisa Blumetti, as they share their breast cancer journeys.

The Breast Cancer Journey: The goal of the H3 Pink Ribbon Podcast is to inform and support all breast cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones regarding the latest information and resources related to breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and long-term survivorship.

Our Format: Our format will include live interviews and topic presentations. It will be distributed on ALL social media channels, including the H3 YouTube Channel and Spotify. At times, H3 will act as the sole podcast host and other times, partner with a co-host.

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