H3 Board of Directors


About Janinha Piazzetta

Janinha Piazzetta is a breast cancer advocate and professional speaker. Ms. Piazzetta created a non-profit breast cancer organization, H3: Health. Hope. Healing., which provides education on breast cancer health issues. She facilitates lectures and workshops and speaks publicly about breast cancer prevention.

In addition, Ms. Piazzetta has been a pioneer in educating people on the importance of openly speaking about sex during and after cancer treatment, a sensitive topic for women. She is an expert in the topics of breast cancer prevention, awareness and helping women to overcome cancer obstacles, during and after cancer diagnosis.

Her goal is to educate women in the South Florida communities on breast cancer prevention by adopting healthy eating habits, doing daily exercises, meditating and creating awareness about lifestyle, health and new findings about breast cancer. It is all about awareness and prevention. She is proud to be a 15-year breast cancer survivor.

Ms. Piazzetta earned a Master’s of Science degree in Mass Communication: Integrated Communications, Advertising and Public Relations. She teaches Portuguese to private students one-on-one and to corporate groups. She works as a translator, promoter, facilitator, and producer. She is also a tour guide and a facilitator for Brazilian tourists and business groups.

She graduated from the City of Miami Beach Leadership Academy and earned her Toastmasters public speaking certifications in the following categories: Competent Communicator and Advanced Communicator Bronze, Silver and Gold. She resides in Miami Beach and enjoys swimming, concerts, movies and healthy foods.


Lisa Blumetti, a Florida native, was raised and educated in New York State, spent several years living abroad, then settled in South Florida at the end of 1997. She received her undergraduate degree in psychology from SUNY Buffalo then continued her studies in educational psychology at SUNY Albany. She worked in public relations and marketing for two years before moving to Japan in 1993 to teach English. She returned to the States in the middle of 1997 and moved to Hollywood, FL in December of that year, one week before her 30th birthday.

She went to work for The Princeton Review, teaching small group classes and doing private tutoring for standardized testing. Most of her students were high school or college juniors and seniors vying for acceptance to very competitive universities. She attained the level of Premier Tutor, in part due to her students’ marked improvement on their SAT, GRE and GMAT exams. In 1999, she also began volunteering as a Guardian Ad Litem for the Broward County Department of Children and Families. In that capacity, her duties included visiting and interviewing children in foster care and testifying in court on their behalf.

In 2007 she moved to Miami Beach and has been a resident of Dade county ever since. She continued tutoring until 2010 at which point her path took a slightly different direction and she began working in the field of wholesale jewelry. Her personal belief in the successful integration of conventional medicine and alternative modalities serves to further strengthen her conviction that H3 is a vital and powerful gift to the community. She currently serves as a Chairperson on the Board of Directors of H3 and has been involved with the organization since its inception.


Amani Ayers, a Baltimore, MD native, Colgate University Graduate led an entrepreneurial path from New York to Miami Beach. Starting in 1983 as an Owner of South Beach’s 1st Vegan Restaurant – Our Place Natural Foods Eatery, on to an Owner of a Natural Fragrance Company, she is now pursuing her passion as a Real Estate Specialist with Platinum Properties International. Amani is a consummate professional dedicated to her client needs and making dreams come true. In just five years, Amani has established a strong foothold in the South Florida real estate community. She handles all facets of real estate, noting that her gift is exceeding her clients’ needs. Her warmth and industry knowledge have allowed her to develop “authentic” relationships with her fellow real estate colleagues. Amongst her network, she is known as the “Go to Realtor” serving to deliver concierge services leaving her clients feeling as if they are “family.”

Amani has had many successes in business; however, her greatest accomplishments are those which make the world a better place for others. She lives her life governed by the edict, “to whom much is given, much is expected.” Amani has so much compassion for human-kind that she spends her time on worthy causes that impact women and children. She is a dedicated Vice-Chairperson of H3: Health. Hope. Healing., an organization whose mission includes Education, Prevention & Empowerment for Breast Cancer awareness, a volunteer for the Chapman House Realtor Helping Happy Hour where Homeless Children are the source of JOY, and volunteers countless hours to her condominium community, Family and Friends.

Amani is an avid traveler, loves jazz and cultural experiences. She lives her life to the fullest and always sees her Glass as Half Full. Her smile is a gift, a Ray of Sunshine and has a way of brightening the day of all who encounter her.

A Colgate University Graduate with several Specialty Designations, Amani exudes warmth & desire to SERVE and make the world a Better Place through every deed & interaction. As a Restauranteur, Internet Based Manufacturer/Distributor & Real Estate Specialist, Amani has been Blessed & believes in GIVING BACK. As a Board Member of H3, a Volunteer at Chapman House working directly with Homeless Children, and active in various local community events, the days & nights are full of opportunities to do more!!! An avid Art, Music, & Travel Enthusiast Amani Loves LIVING LIFE & seeks to bring Joy & Peace into the daily Lives of All …


James Peever moved to Florida from Toronto, Canada and has been working and living here in the capacity of Director of Sol Schools USA a private English Language Institute. James attended Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada where he obtained a degree in Commerce with a specialization in Retail Management. Then he began to travel. He has visited more than 25 countries around the world and has lived in many as well. He loves to explore and learn new things about the world, meeting wonderful people along the way. James has often volunteered in other countries helping individuals in need or requiring assistance to improve their position. James returned to Toronto and continued as an English teacher finally moving to Miami Beach as School Director at the beginning of 2011.

James has been active member and officer of Toastmasters Miami Beach for several years and has expressed interest in continuing to develop his role. He often participates in local fund raising events and charities within the community. James is intending on participating in the Miami Beach Leadership Academy at the beginning of 2015. As an active member of H3, James has contributed to the development of the organizations social media, budget planning and event organization. He has expressed interest in remaining a board member and developing the foundation further.

Business Management and Tax Services consultant with 20+ years of experience and a specialist in the planning and operational execution of business growth strategies. Her focus has been in providing business support solutions to entrepreneurs on startup and micro to midsize business ventures. She studied at Cornell University, served in the Navy Reserve, and is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Kevin S. Crowder is an IEDC Certified Economic Developer (CEcD), whose primary areas of expertise are business and entrepreneurial assistance, private capital investment, market research, public-private partnerships, redevelopment agency programs, and government affairs. He has conducted detailed economic, fiscal, and market analysis for business development, investment, and policy issues and created a broad municipal market research and business assistance program. He is a member of the International Economic Development Council, the International Council of Shopping Centers, the Council of Development Finance Agencies, the Urban Land Institute, the American Economic Association, the Craft Brewers Association, the American Legion, the Florida Brewers Guild, the Choctaw Nation, ASCAP, the International Chili Society and is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Florida Redevelopment Association and the Florida Council for Public-Private Partnerships.

Some of the areas Mr. Crowder focuses on are niche revitalization drivers, especially live music and craft breweries. as a practicing musician, he understands the live music industry from every perspective, including performer, venue operator, and owner, and local government. He understands how to use live music as a branding strategy that promotes revitalization of other sectors. His experience includes the Fillmore Miami Beach and the Colony Theater. He has also worked with craft breweries as downtown catalysts and understands the economics and real estate concerns of building and operating breweries. He has worked on-site selection and attraction of breweries and created brewery recruitment incentives and assisted with the creation of the first brewery district in Florida.

Mr. Crowder was the Director of Economic Development for Redevelopment Management Associates from 2013 to 2018, where his responsibilities included economic development, public-private partnerships, market research, redevelopment planning, business improvement districts, fiscal impact estimates, and real estate. His experience additionally includes 15 years with the City of Miami Beach and the Miami Beach Redevelopment Agency as the Director of Economic Development and Government Affairs, leading the City’s economic development program and multi-jurisdictional lobbying efforts. Mr. Crowder began his economic development career in 1994 with the South Beach Business Improvement Districts and the South Beach Marketing Council.