Breast Cancer Support Group
Openly Speaking about Breast Cancer

“Behind every breast cancer, there is a woman with dreams, laughs, loves, and mostly fears the unknown. Doctors need to empower her.”  Nilza Kallos

Saturday, October 18th, 2008 @ Noon-2pm
Miami Beach Regional Library, 227 22nd Street, South Beach

Our Breast Cancer Support Group meets this Saturday, October 18th –12 p.m. @ the Miami Beach Regional Library.  Our guest speaker is Dr. Nilza Kallos. Although, Dr. Kallos has a degree from conventional medicine, she believes that, “Behind every breast cancer, there is a woman with dreams, laughs, loves, and mostly fears the unknown. Doctors need to empower her.” 

About Our guest:

Dr. Nilza Kallos received her medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  She trained in Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine and Radiology.

She became involved with breast cancer after her best friend died of it at age 35.

Dr. Kallos has dedicated her professional life to keeping women healthy and preventing premature death from breast cancer.  She founded in 1981 and has directed since the Breast Health Center and Diagnostic Ultrasound, the first Florida multi-modality Breast Center, where women are taught about breast disease and breast self-examination, are offered state-of-the-art diagnostic modalities (mammography, ultrasound and biopsies),  while their psychological needs are attended as a priority.

Throughout her career she has understood the power of the mind in healing.  Pursuing her dream in 1999 she co-founded WITHIN (Women’s Institute for Total Health in Nature), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to healing mind, body and spirit in an integrated way. She also practices yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and Reiki.

More recently she became interested in the changes women undergo during menopause and became certified as a Menopausal Clinician.

Dr. Kallos is Clinical Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Miami School of Medicine and director of the Breast Health Center and Diagnostic Ultrasound of Miami.

She is a wife, mother and grandmother.

As October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month, Dr. Kallos is offering a free mammogram for those women in need without health insurance.

 Attached please find more information about her work with the community and also details about the group.

The Miami Beach Regional Library is located at 227 22nd Street, South Beach –305.531.2046.

For more information call Janinha @ 305.531.2046 or e-mail [email protected]