Tai Chi for Health Experience

The Breast Cancer Support Group
Openly Speaking about Breast Cancer
Tai Chi for Health Experience
Jeffrey Morris

Our Breast Cancer Support Group will take place at the Miami Beach Regional Library on Saturday, March 15th at noon to 2 p.m.

Our topic is Tai Chi for Health Experience with our guest speaker Jeffrey Morris, known as Jef, a Tai Chi Master Trainer.

Tai Chi is an ancient practice that has shown to be an effective physical and mind exercise with various health benefits.

About our guest:

Zazen Meditation: Jef is a lay Zazen practitioner of the Abbot John Daido Loori, Zen Mountain Monastery, whose self empowerment insights into onefs consciousness, perceptions, and the objective reality, provides the fundamental basis for practice.

Mindfulness Training: Jef continues Mindfulness Training with Dr. Jeanette Aycock, whose depth of wisdom balances co dependence and interdependence. Dr. Aycockfs questions, gWhat is holding you back, and what are you holding yourself back from? g still inspires reflection,…

Qi Gong Training: Jef is a Senior Student of Qi Gong Master Dr. Chao Chen, a research scientist, a physician and Teacher who brings clarity to the union of the inner and outer spaces, their harmonics and the results for our human experience.

Toaist Tai Chi Training: Jef honors Master Moy Lin-shin, Taoist monk and Founder of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society, who vowed to make the arts that helped him –available to all. Master Moy aims and objectives continue to this day.

Attached please find more information about the support group. If you have questions, please call Janinha Piazzetta @ 305.531.2046 or e-mail at [email protected]

The Miami Beach Public Library is located at 227 22nd Street, Miami Beach, FL 33140