Joelle Claret


Since 1995, Joelle Claret has been exploring different kinds of therapies that involve breathing and movement. She has also become a Doula, which has naturally brought her to explore movement in relation to pregnancy and birth. She came to discover the Feldenkrais Method and was invited to participate in a 4 year Feldenkrais Training in Santa Fe. Her life long experience with movement, giving workshops and private sessions brought her to put together these new routines.

Move Wise is an educational and creative system. These simple movements will help you release stress and tension, realign your bones and recreate your movements from the CORE and in relation to GRAVITY. You will free the flow of energy that runs through your spine. You will feel more dynamic, grounded and comfortable within your body. In practicing this routine, you will ease your yoga practice, increase your abilities in sports and athletics, stimulate and amplify your sense of perception, improve focus and coordination and unfold your creativity. For breast cancer patients, it is a very helpful tool for recovery.

Contact Information:
Phone number: (818) 430-3556