Betsy Cox


Betsy Cox is a Functional Medicine Health Coach in private practice since 2012. She received her health coaching training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the School of Applied Functional Medicine. Betsy’s work focuses on helping women overcome hormone, digestive, immune, metabolic and detoxification imbalances that impact fertility, hormone driven cancers, menopause, and autoimmune chronic disease.

Before health coaching, Betsy was a chef and owner of a food business designing and implementing high nutrition meal plans for individuals including pro athletes, cancer and cardiac patients, and busy professionals. It was at that point she saw again and again the impact of food as medicine and mindset as the secret sauce for healing and wellness. Betsy’s the founder of the Miami Health Challenge, how in its 8th year, she is presented over 100 workshops throughout the U.S. on women’s wellness.

She is a speaker for corporate wellness events and writes a monthly column for a Miami newspaper on holistic health. Betsy is currently working on a book for women navigating perimenopause.

“My goal for my clients is that they experience joy, balance, great energy and optimal health every day. My job is to help them integrate such effective wellness tools and strategies into their lives that they won’t need me anymore.” – Betsy Cox

Contact Information:
Betsy Cox C.H.H.C., A.A.D.P.
E-mail: betsy@betsycoxhealth
Phone number: 212-729-6268