Post-Pandemic Intimacy and Sexuality



Post-Pandemic Intimacy and Sexuality
Dr. Marilyn K. Volker, Ed.D.
Sexologist/Educational Counselor

Live and Online Workshop

This past year was a struggle for many of us – physically, emotionally, financially and sexually. We have had unlimited Zoom meetings talking about many of the effects of the pandemic, but what about our sexual health? Our sexuality is important to all of us; single, married, in a relationship, divorced, widowed, looking, or not.  It does not matter what your gender identity, sexual orientation or personal circumstances are. Intimacy and sexuality are unique for each of us. H3 is a pioneer in openly speaking about sex during and after breast cancer treatment, and now during and post-pandemic. How has the pandemic affected your health and sexuality? How has it affected your intimacy, your desire, your attitude towards dating?

Join us for an open discussion about these post-pandemic issues, including passion, intimacy, dating, and overall sexuality guided by our fabulous sexologist, Dr. Marilyn Volker.

About Dr Volker:

Marilyn Volker, sexuality educator for the past fifty years, is a Diplomat of the American Board of Sexology and an Associate Fellow of The American Academy of Clinical Sexologists. She is adjunct faculty of three South Florida universities – University of Miami, Florida International University, and St. Thomas University.

Dr. Volker trains counselors to become sex therapists through the Florida Post-Graduate Sex Therapy Training Institute and sits on doctoral committees for The Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Sexology for Sex Therapists. She has served as sexuality consultant for a variety of addiction/trauma treatment facilities state and nationwide and has written many articles for publications addressing sexuality issues in recovery.

Dr. Volker has been a professional guest on Barbara Walter’s 20/20 and Larry King Live regarding transgendered issues/gender variant children. She began her career teaching deaf children and continues to serve as sexuality consultant to a variety of special education programs, organizations, and community groups addressing body changes, diseases, and disabilities.

Her passion in life is to invite all people from nursery school to nursing homes to learn information about their one and only body – honoring public and private parts – by always being SAFE – physically, emotionally, and sexually!

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