Organic, Local, Natural, Say What? Organic Foods, Part 2

Organic, Local, Natural, Say What?
Organic Foods, Part 2
Saturday, February 18, 2012
Miami Beach Regional Library, 227 22nd Street, South Beach – 33139

Due to the success of our first Organic Foods event, H3 is proud to present another educational seminar on Organic Foods, part 2.  To lead this presentation, H3 is bringing back again Cindy Hill, our local health educator on Organic Foods and vegetables with a special guest Mike Moskos, the founder of Local Food South Florida.

Learn the facts from the fiction in this two hour seminar.  The Seminar Talking points will be:

  • Being aware of the connection to your food source is empowering and essential for optimum health.
  • Understanding the language used to sell foods in today’s market, from labeling to certifications and their definitions.
  • Become a smarter shopper and know your food source.

 About Our Guests:

Both Cindy and Mike are members of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, activism and research of real foods.

Cindy Hill is the founder of Once Upon a Carrot, a community based organization committed to teaching the philosophy “Grow it. Cook it. Eat it”. She is also an advocate for local and sustainable food and a cooking instructor.  Cindy offers gardening and cooking classes, as well as a weekly farm food coalition.  She has dedicated the last 8 years in educating the community on healthier food choices, as well as humane and sustainable practices.

Mike Moskos is the founder of local Food South Florida and provides local sources to purchase real, whole and nutrient-dense food in Florida.  He started the website in June after realizing that even people who wanted to buy the tastiest, nutrient-dense food didn’t know of the many sources right around them. Involved with the Weston A. Price Foundation, he volunteers at one of Miami’s food clubs and ferments many foods himself.

For more information about the seminar or H3, please log on or email [email protected].