Janet Galipo
Saturday, February 20, 2010 @ 12-2pm
Miami Beach Regional Library
227 22nd Street, Miami Beach, 33139

Hello EveryONE!

The classical concert for H3: Health. Hope. Healing. was a success! We met our goal—donations for the 501 C3 – the non-profit government fees.  Thanks to the universe!

We are moving forward with our monthly Breast Cancer Support Group meeting under the umbrella of H3 with a lecture about BodyTalk, a healing modality. Our Guest is Janet Galipo, an Advanced Senior BodyTalk Instructor.


ABOUT BODY TALK: BodyTalk is a simple, safe and astonishingly effective system of integrative health care. BodyTalk is a holistic approach to healing, based on proven principles of energy medicine. The body is a complex ecosystem with a delicate balance between physiological biochemical functions, emotional and mental interactions, environmental influences, and hereditary and genetic restrictions. BodyTalk helps synchronize the body’s natural functions – to achieve and maintain healing and growth on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

For more information about the BodyTalk System go to BODY TALK CENTRAL or click on the image below to watch a video.

Our Guest:

Dr. Janet Galipo is an Advanced Senior BodyTalk Instructor with professional qualifications in Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine. She teaches in the US and abroad, and has been a featured speaker at universities, forums, and conferences around the world. Janet is the founder and president of Be Healthy Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting BodyTalk to the economically disadvantaged throughout the world. Janet also practices BodyTalk at her Miami Beach office in Florida.

For more information about this lecture, please call 305.531.2046 or email [email protected].